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I can’t seem to shake the chills thinking about the horrific experience of refugee Eritrean journalist Aaron Berhane. There are so many more like him still in jail, held unjustly by their governments.
As I mentioned in my blog on Aaron, I wrote a letter to Dawit Habtemichael, another Eritrean journalist being held by the Eritrean government unlawfully. I am working with PEN, essentially ‘adopting’ Dawit and helping to fight for his release. The links below will take you to PEN Canada’s website where there is video footage of each letter, written by the five authors although Marion Botsford Fraser read my letter that day because guess what––I had the flu. These letters were read at a September 23 event called, “The Other Side of Silence – Speaking out for Eritrea’s Imprisoned Journalists.”

The audience, mostly students, was very moved by what the Toronto writers had to say.”

Sheila Heti:
Camilla Gibb:
Karen Connelly:
Susan Swan:
Rosemary Sullivan:

These articles may also be of interest.

One is an Op-Ed piece written by PEN Canada’s Charles Foran that goes into more depth about Dawit’s case.

The other is an editorial published in the Globe and Mail, also about Dawit.




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