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Curriculum Vitae of Published Works:

The Western Light
A breathtaking novel that returns to the life of the beloved narrator Mary “Mouse” Bradford from The Wives of Bath. Set against the beautiful and dramatic shore of Georgian Bay, the climax will have readers turning pages with concern for characters they can’t help but love.
Canada – Cormorant Books, 2012 (hardcover)
What Casanova Told Me
A dazzlingly imagined novel that embraces two centuries, two women, a long-lost Journal and the mystery behind the legendary Casanova’s last great love.
Canada – Knopf Canada, 2004 (paperback 2005) US – Bloomsbury US, 2005 (paperback 2006) Spain – Losada Editorial, 2006. Russia – Amphora, 2007 Portugal – Estampa, 2007 Serbia – Laguna, 2008 Foreign distribution in Mexico, Chile and Argentina.
A five minute BookShort was produced in 2004 and distributed to TV, websites and viewed in Canadian bookstores. A two minute version was produced for American outlets.
The Wives of Bath
A darkly humorous, gothic story involving a murder in a girls’ boarding school in the 1960’s.
Canada and U.S. – Knopf, 1993 (Canadian paperback Random House, 1994) UK – Granta Books, 1993 (UK paperback Penguin, 1994) Germany – Piper, 1996 Holland – Arena, 1995
* Listed in U.S. Readers’ Guide by McFarland Publishers as one of best novels of the nineties, 2000.
Stupid Boys Are Good to Relax With
A comical collection examining women’s relationships with the opposite sex.
Toronto, Canada – Somerville House Publishing, 1996
Short story collection focusing on interim relationships in both real and virtual realities. *(Excerpted in Granta and Ms. Magazine, l996.)
The Last of the Golden Girls
Set in the long, hot summers of the 1950s, The Last of the Golden Girls paints a haunting portrait of female friendship among the rich in English Canada.
Toronto, Canada – Lester and Orpen Dennys, 1989 Canada – Random House Canada paperback, 1991 Canada – Key Porter reprint, 2001 New York, USA – Arcade, Little Brown, 1991
The Biggest Modern Woman of the World
In this exhilarating and profound novel, Anna Swan, the real-life 7’6”, 413-pound Nova Scotian Giantess renders her own autobiographical account.
Toronto, Canada – Lester and Orpen Dennys, 1983 London, UK – Pandora Press, 1988 New York, USA – Ecco Press, 1986 Key Porter reprint, Canada, 2001
New Edition with new cover, Key Porter, 2007
Momz Radio
Humorous, ribald, powerful and filled with wisdom, anecdotes and shared affirmations, this collection of voices celebrates the quiet heroism of mothers.
in Anthology on Motherhood,  Susan Swan and Sarah Sheard (eds.)
Toronto, Canada – Coach House Press, 1991; pp. 207?221.
Unfit for Paradise
Susan Swan has based these stories on true accounts of North Americans attempting to deal with their privileged role when on vacation in third-world countries.
Toronto, Canada – Dingle Editions, 1982; pp. 67
A short story collection on northerners in the tropics. A performance based on the stories was staged in Toronto and Vancouver in 1983
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