The Last of The Golden Girls

The Last of the Golden Girls

In a timely reprint with a previously unpublished epilogue, Susan Swan’s celebrated novel, The Last of the Golden Girls, paints a haunting portrait of female friendship among the rich in English Canada. During the long hot summers of the 1950s, in the labyrinth of inland seas that is northern Ontario, three girls share their adolescent secrets and dreams—and compete for the attention of one godlike boy. A decade later, when they meet again in the realm of speedboats and private islands, childish crudity is replaced by adult decadence. An award-winning novelist published in twenty countries, Swan gives readers everywhere an intimate look at the world of money and privilege—refracted through the prism of summer pleasure.

Dimensions: 9 x 6 in | Canadian Author | ISBN: 0886194040
Published: March 2001 | Published by L & OD


“A frighteningly pleasurable novel … a tour de force of writing and a brilliant parable for our time.”

– Aritha Van Herk