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Make Casanova Your Book Club Valentine

Are you interested in finding out more about Casanova, the serial seducer and feminist who once famously said: I have never made love to a woman whose language I don’t speak because I like to enjoy myself in all my senses at once.

If you are, make What Casanova Told Me by Canadian author Susan Swan your book club choice for Valentines Day. And Valentines can come early (in January); on time (in February) or later (anytime in the spring). That’s because Susan is offering a special book club package that is being promoted by Random House and includes:
1. A book club guide to the novel available on Random House website complete with Author Q&A
and discussion questions) for What Casanova Told Me (Be sure to click on the buttons on the left-hand side, under “Resources”)
2. A fifteen minute audio file from Susan discussing her novel and her fascination with Casanova. (It will be emailed to your book club leader before your event and can be shared with your members.)
3. A twenty-five minute Q&A with Susan and your book club through Skype.
4. Other features such as the song What Casanova Told Me inspired by the novel and written by Albertan folk singer Corie Brewster are available under multimedia on Susan’s blog.

If your club makes What Casanova Told Me your Valentine, you will receive a free signed copy for a book club raffle of The Biggest Modern Woman of the World, as well as a DVD of the What Casanova Told Me Bookshort, a short film inspired by the novel.

Please let us know if this will be your Book Club Valentine this year.
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