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A darkly humorous story involving a murder in a girls’ boarding school in the 1960’s. Neither Mouse Bradford nor Paulie Sykes wants to grow up into a woman. Paulie forces Mouse through a series of tests to prove her manliness, which eventually go too far. The current edition has a New Introduction by Susan Swan about the process of the novel becoming a film. 

The Wives of Bath was shortlisted for the Guardian Fiction Award, shortlisted for the Trillium Award, and was recently selected as one of the best novels of the ‘90’s in US Reader’s Guide compiled by McFarland & Co.

The Wives of Bath was made into the feature film entitled Lost and Delirious (IMDB Info | View Trailer) directed by Lea Pool and starring Piper Perabo, Jessica Pare and Mischa Barton. It made its debut at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals and has since been sold to 32 countries, including Canada and the U.S., and film critic Roger Ebert picked it as one of the best independent films of 2001.

Dimensions: 256 Pages | ISBN: 039428044x
Published by Vintage Canada

Praise for the film Lost and Delirious

“One of the most carefully crafted, most professional films [of 2001] … the characters are enormously interesting and likeable [and] gorgeous.”
– Robert Ebert
“The story this movie portrays is one of the most touching and heart-wrenching stories I’ve ever heard. When watching this movie, I was so caught up in the lives of these girls it was hard for me to bring myself back into my own life. I seriously believe this movie has opened my eyes to how truly important love is in this world, no matter what form it comes in.”
–Customer Review, Barnes & Noble

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