Stupid Boys Are Good To Relax With

Book CoverFinding the perfect man can sometimes be a process of elimination. You eliminate the ones who don’t have jobs and have no intention of ever getting one. You eliminate the ones who still live at home, sucking every last penny from their parents. And of course, you eliminate the stupid ones. But wait, maybe you should hang on to the stupid ones, just for the sake of relaxation. Stupid Boys Are Good to Relax With is a comical collection examining women’s relationships with the opposite sex. Story titles include “Sluts,” “Young and Gay,” “I Am Not a Bottled Blonde” and “The Man Doll.” Best of all is Susan Swan’s “Stupid Boy Handbook,” which explains how to spot and be aware of stupid boys.

Dimensions: 288 Pages | ISBN: 1894042387
Published by Somerville House

“Stupid Boys Are Good to Relax With” is a painful, witty, savage collection of short stories and vignettes about young women and how they relate to men, meaning their fathers, their boyfriends, flashers and guys throughout their history….Only now as women haul in paychecks can can women point out that stupid boys are like …. toddlers, possessed of a certain animal magnetism.”

–Heather Mallick


“Swan has not shied away from portraying the dark side of female sexuality. The notion that much of this collection continues in that tradition is one that will catch no reader of Swan’s previous work with his or her pants down.”

– Dan Smith The Toronto Star