The Western Light: a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season

My publisher would like to invite you to put The Western Light in your Christmas stocking this holiday season. My novel tells the story of Mary ‘Mouse’ Bradford, heroine of my bestseller The Wives of Bath, who is torn between love for her distant father and a charismatic and possibly dangerous father substitute.

Here’s what literary critics and the public had to say about it:­­

“Swan skillfully lays her trap; little by little we begin to wonder if Pilkie’s motives toward Mouse, and those who believe in his rehabilitation, are malevolent. There will be no easy resolution offered in this fine and disturbing novel [The Western Light]. Swan, the consummate storyteller, plays her hand shrewdly. There is just as much danger in goodness, she is telling us, as in evil …an eerily spellbinding tale …” –The Vancouver Sun

“The novel [The Western Light] features at least one character who could easily become a CanLit archetype: John Pilkie, a retired NHL star and convicted murderer…[Swan’s] poetic descriptions of Ontario’s harsh winter weather and adept use of colloquial speech … are particularly vivid, and help bring the world of the novel to vibrant life.” – Quill and Quire

“Swan’s elegant diction and structural flow is seamless. [The Westsern Light] is a novel for all generations.” – New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal

“Swan has added another gem to the Canadian canon …where Swan’s experience speaks most tellingly is in The Western Light’s vivid evocation of life in the 50s and its essential signifiers: the clothes, the hair, the telephone party lines and the all-out hate-on between fans of the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs.” —NOW magazine

“The timely subject of hockey concussions is absorbing, as is Swan’s consideration of broken minds… At the heart of the novel is a girl’s thoughtful deliberation on the mysteries of good and evil, and how they can be combined in the same person.” –The Globe and Mail

“Mouse Bradford is a unique and luminous creation… Gentleman John  Pilkie, the hockey killer with a heart of gold, is dressed and ready to become a legend.”–Paul Gross

[The] Western Light was such a great read. Evocative, moving, with memorable characters and a brilliant depiction of a time and place. Mouse steps out of the book and enters your heart. Susan Swan is a master storyteller.“ –  Rita Davies (Chapters Reader Review)

” This book [The Western Light] is amazing. It really evokes the particular time and place and the characters come to life. I also enjoyed the ambiguity around Pilkie’s character, whether he actually did it or not, and what happened to him in the end. It is also interesting how it’s a prequel to The Wives of Bath but there are many things about the two books that aren’t exactly the same. All in all a great read, highly recommended.” – Cliff Jackman (Chapters Reader Review)

“Fell in love with Mouse right away. She made me laugh and she made me cry. I didn’t want the story to end, but it has such a great flow, it was over before I knew it. I need some more Mouse! Susan, please send her on more adventures!” Gayle Hamlin (Chapters Reader Review)

“What a wonderful read!! Having worked in the Mental Health field for 30+ yrs., I found this book [The Western Light]  to be a perfect combination of insightful and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip back to the 50’s set in beautiful Georgian Bay. I was sorry to see this story end. I would highly recommend this book to all.” Catherine Hayward (Chapters Reader Review)

“Mouse Bradford is back — and that is wonderful news. In this prequel to her award winning The Wives of Bath, Susan Swan returns to Madoc’s Landing, that small town on the shores of Georgian Bay that shaped Mouse (and her). In a splendid evocation of the 50s, The Western Light speaks of memory, searching and love — both requited and unrequited. It is great read. ” – Sylvia Sutherland (Amazon Reader Review)

The Western Light, was for me hard to put down, Susan has a way of telling a story that is almost whispering the story into your ear, effortless enjoyment, a movie played in your senses…I highly recommend this novel.” –Barb Ivory (Amazon Reader Review)

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