The Idea For a Novel Can Come From The Most Unlikely Places

Sometimes novels grow out of an unexpected situation or in the case of my last book, from a comment that turns your head around and makes you see something in a different light. My conversation about Casanova with Jack Crean (an uncle-in-law) was one of those times. I went from an ardent Casanova dis-misser to an ardent fan and I wrote a novel in which Casanova is featured as a character. This visual blog tells how it happened.

For your information, What Casanova Told Me tells the story of  Casanova’s last love, Asked For Adams, an American Yankee and a descendant of Puritans, who first met Casanova in a barge coming into Venice in 1798 when Casanova was in his early seventies. Casanova was disguised as old woman in a court wig during their first encounter and their affair progressed from there. Asked For’s 20th century descendant followed the lovers’ travel route using Asked For’s old diary.

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