Projections of the Western Light

A BookShorts Video Featuring Susan Swan

Sep.26.2012 (Toronto, ON) … BookShorts Literacy Program is pleased to announce the premiere of the company’s most recent production, Projections of the Western Light, a video book trailer inspired by author Susan Swan’s novel, The Western Light (Cormorant Books). The video is now online at MovingStories.TV >>

BookShorts Executive Producer Judith Keenan explains, “The Western Light is one of the most auto-biographical works of fiction Susan has written to date, so it was fitting that she be the star of the video, which we titled “Projections of The Western Light” to convey both its genesis and the fact that it’s another expression of the book in the medium of moving pictures.”

The novel features Mary “Mouse” Bradford, a character who was also the lead in one of Swan’s previous novels The Wives of Bath. That book was adapted to the big screen as the feature film Lost and Delirious. In this screen adaptation, images of Georgian Bay immerse Susan in an evocative visual landscape. She delivers the very essence of the story, teasing our viewers with hints of the father-daughter dilemmas Mouse faces in the novel. The scriptwriters captured the dual nature of the fiction/real character with the line, “If a girl can not get her father’s love, should she go elsewhere?” Does that refer to Mouse, Susan or both? Perhaps some of the very best stories come from the most authentic sources.

The soundtrack sets the tone of the era, 1959, and lifts Susan’s performance as if she were singing lyrics to a song, the words of which are, as the reviewers are saying, “poetic descriptions … particularly vivid, and help bring the world of the novel to vibrant life.” (Quill & Quire, review of The Western Light, October 2012).

The BookShorts video will accompany Susan to her live events and be made available for on-air broadcast in conjunction with her television and radio appearances. It will be used by the book publisher’s marketing team to help bring more visibility to Susan’s works online, including the eBook version available as a new title, and in a far-reaching social media campaign.

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